A silver lining in a dark cloud???

Planned Parenthood was looking for a blow-out. 

But as the dust continues to settle, it’s clear that the so-called “pro-abortion blue wave” they expected never appeared. 

In fact, once again this election demonstrated that the pro-life issue is a proven winner. 

You will recall that even though Republicans lost big in 2018, the Life at Conception Act still finished this Congress with the largest number of cosponsors in history. 

And while there are races left to be officially called, including the race for the Presidency, the Life at Conception Act is poised to reach new record levels of pledged support in Congress. 

In fact, of the races that have been called so far, Life at Conception Act cosponsors and non-incumbent pledged candidates in Congress have won in 169 out of 192. 

What this is going to mean is a new record number of cosponsors in the next Congress. 

And while pro-abortion forces are chortling about their victories over Senators Cory Gardner and Martha McSally, they both refused to either answer our Pro-Life Candidate Survey or cosponsor the Life at Conception Act. 

Had McSally and Gardner answered the survey and cosponsored the Life at Conception Act it certainly would have helped them, especially with the strongly pro-life Hispanic voters in those states. 

Meanwhile Senator Steve Daines, who was supposedly in danger of being defeated but had cosponsored the Life at Conception Act and answered the survey, sailed to re-election. 

At the same time, pro-abortion Senator Doug Jones went down in defeat and new pledged Life at Conception Act supporters were elected to the U.S. Senate in Tennessee and Kansas as well. 

But while there is plenty to be encouraged about, with the race for the White House continuing to be litigated and pending crucial U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia, now is not the time to rest on our laurels. 

Keep up the fight to pass our Life at Conception Act and ultimately end abortion-on-demand we must.