Abortionists try to put lipstick on a pig

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. 

Yet that’s exactly what the abortion lobby is doing with this wave of pro-abortion propaganda.

As you and I have long known, abortion does nothing more than kill an innocent unborn baby.

That’s why the abortion lobby goes to such great lengths to dress up abortion, attempting to present it more “positively.” 

Part of this wave of propaganda is Carafem, an abortuary chain with locations in four states which claims to give a spa-like experience to killing an unborn child.

The abortionists make their customers feel comfortable, offering herbal teas and warm robes as their their tagline proudly proclaims: “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”

Carafem’s website actually describes the abortion pill RU-486 as “medicine” that merely causes “the pregnancy [to] stop growing.”

For such a cavalier attitude about using the word abortion, Carafem goes to great lengths to hide the truth, that the only thing that “stops” is the heartbeat of an innocent unborn child.

The fact is, this abortuary isn’t different from any others.

Abortionists attempt to make mothers comfortable about killing their unborn child while shamefully covering up the gruesome reality of what abortion actually does.

And no matter how the abortion lobby tries to dress it up, the fact remains: abortion ends an innocent life.