Abortionists won’t call it what it is

I’m sure that, like me, you were horrified to read about the mother from California who tried to flush her newborn baby down the toilet in a public restroom.

The mother is now facing attempted murder charges, but tragically, if this mother had ended her baby’s life just one day sooner — when the baby was still in her womb — it would have been perfectly legal.

Of course, the abortion lobby routinely distances itself from stories like this one.

The last thing they want is for any media coverage to shine a light on the horrors of abortion-on-demand.

That’s why the abortion lobby continues to push propaganda to make a distinction between born and unborn babies — insisting that the unborn are not living human beings, but merely blobs of “tissue.”

They’ll fight tooth and nail to pull the wool over the public’s eyes if it means they can keep ending babies’ lives and raking in taxpayer funding.

But you and I won’t be fooled.

You and I know that whether inside or outside the womb, no innocent baby deserves to lose its life, and that’s why we won’t rest until the unborn are protected.