Another House of Horrors Discovered

Another House of Horrors Discovered

The next time some politician tries to tell you he wants to keep abortion “safe and legal,” here’s a story to keep in mind.

It also shows the impact that pro-lifers can have when we keep the pressure on.

Just one more example of this was when pro-lifers in Pennsylvania shut down an abortion butchery.

One woman reported that the so-called Hillcrest Women’s Center stank like a place meant for animals, saying, “I felt like my dog should have been on that table . . . not me.”

Then with a surprise inspection, the center was found to be in violation of 40 pages worth of infractions.

According to the inspectors’ report, Hillcrest abortionists refused to staff a supervising registered nurse.

They kept syringes wrapped in papers that were “physically deteriorated and yellowed with age.”

They even administered drugs that had been expired for well over a decade — putting their patients at serious risk.

But despite all this, the Pennsylvania Department of Health turned a blind eye to the Hillcrest abortion mill.

In fact, Hillcrest failed safety inspections not once, but FOUR times, and still the Pennsylvania Department of Health refused to take notice.

But NPLA members and other outraged pro-lifers wouldn’t stand by while the Department of Health did nothing.

In fact, the pro-life pressure was so intense that Pennsylvania legislators finally wrote a letter to the Health Department demanding that they shut down Hillcrest.

And finally, the abortion mill was forced to close its doors.

Of course, this story demonstrates what you and I have long known — that the abortion industry doesn’t care about keeping abortion “safe” so long as they can get their hands on innocent unborn babies.

But Hillcrest also demonstrates the impact that pro-lifers can have when we keep the pressure on.

The bottom line is, the bureaucrats across the country are under pressure from pro-lifers, and that’s a good thing.

And knowing the truth, we must mobilize pro-lifers all across the country to both be active locally and work to pass truly effective pro-life legislation both at the state and national level.

Legislation such as tough sonogram laws, Parental Notification and Intervention, and most importantly, the Life at Conception Act in Congress, which would legislatively reverse Roe v. Wade.

Please continue to do all you can locally and tell your friends about the Life at Conception Act, and how it uses the Supreme Court’s own roadmap to reverse Roe and ultimately end abortion-on-demand.