Elephant in the Room

Have you ever been in a group of people where you’ve been very uncomfortable? 

Where there is some sort of large problem or disagreement, but everyone would really rather just pretend that it’s not there? 

It’s called having an elephant in the room. 

And the abortion lobby happens to have a very large elephant in the middle of their living room right now. 

They would much rather sweep it (or shove it) under the rug, and just pretend that it’s not there. 

Have you ever tried to sweep an elephant under a rug? 

While I admit that I have not, I would imagine that it doesn’t work out so well. 

They would like to pretend that the life they take when performing an abortion isn’t a human being until he or she is born. 

But here’s what they can’t explain: 

If, as they claim, an unborn baby isn’t a human being 2 minutes before he or she is born, why would he or she be a human 2 minutes after – or even 2 months after? 

Of course, you and I know that life begins at conception. 

But Peter Singer, a so-called professor of “ethics” actually advocates the slaughter of the unborn and the born, purely based on whether or not that child may be “inconvenient” or “undesirable.” 

He believes that Mothers should have a trial period where they decide whether to keep their baby. 

As repulsive as Singer’s vendetta against life is, these post-birth abortions are actually becoming a reality. 

In a leading medical journal, a physician who participates in these post-birth abortions in Great Britain described the procedure for putting these babies to death. 

Using the already controversial “death pathways” intended for terminally ill patients, unwanted babies, usually born with a disorder or disability, are abandoned to die. 

That doctor has admitted to starving and dehydrating ten babies to death — exactly what the standards of the abortionists would ultimately lead to. 

I wish I were making this up — but I’m not. 

But the fact is, we already allow the slaughter of 1.4 million unborn children in the United States every year. 

This is why you and I cannot ease up on Members of Congress one iota. 

Because as a member of the National Pro-Life Alliance, you recognize like I do that every single life is precious. 

And why with the help of you and other NPLA members, it’s so important to hold every politician’s feet to the fire in this Congress. 

We must make sure that they not only end taxpayer funding of abortion, but most importantly take decisive action on the Life at Conception Act.