End pro-abortion judicial tyranny

In recent years, activist pro-abortion judges have blocked numerous pro-life efforts — from heartbeat bills to bans on late-term abortions to even waiting periods.

For example, pro-lifers in Mississippi pushed their elected legislators to pass a law banning abortions after fifteen weeks of pregnancy.

At fifteen weeks, an unborn baby can move, kick, and even make facial expressions resembling her parents.

But none of that made any difference to the court.

Less than twenty-four hours after the Mississippi governor signed the fifteen week ban, an unelected judge blocked the law’s enforcement.

Because of that pro-abortion judge, abortionists are still ending babies’ lives in Mississippi today.

And the judicial tyranny in Mississippi isn’t an isolated case.

A few months earlier, pro-lifers in Iowa won a major victory with the passage of a bill banning abortions when the baby’s heartbeat can be detected.

But tragically, that bill didn’t make it past the pro-abortion judiciary either.

No matter how modest the restriction, pro-abortion judges will always push their own agenda, protect their abortionist friends, and sentence innocent unborn children to death.

That’s why you and I must put an end to this pattern of pro-abortion judicial tyranny for good.