Ending Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

The Protecting Life and Taxpayers Act
(S. 2270, H.R. 2619 – 117th Congress)

Halting Taxpayer-Funded Welfare for Killers of the Unborn

Every chance the abortion industry gets, it attempts to loot federal coffers to fund the killing of unborn babies.

Whether it is spending taxpayer money to fund abortion through private insurance mandates, Medicaid, health plans for federal employees, military personnel, women in federal prisons, or the United Nations Population Fund’s support of coercive abortions abroad, there seems to be no end to the abortion industry’s thirst for tax dollars.

The Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider Continues To Receive Over Five Hundred Million Dollars From Taxpayers While Demanding More

And although many politicians repeat Planned Parenthood’s claim that none of these taxpayer dollars will be used directly for abortions, the promise is a hollow one that Planned Parenthood is able to skirt easily.

The fact of the matter is, every federal dollar that goes to Planned Parenthood’s overhead and programs frees up another dollar to directly promote or provide an abortion.

Even under current protections like the Hyde Amendment, abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood continue to receive hundreds of millions of tax dollars every year from programs like ObamaCare & Medicaid.

In 2019, Planned Parenthood revealed a total income of $1.6 billion. Taxpayers shelled out $616.8 million to pad the abortion provider’s bottom line through federal and state grants and contracts (or 38.5% of its entire income).

All the while, Planned Parenthood cut back non-abortion related programs and demanded that all its affiliate centers offer surgical abortion even as recent undercover stings revealed a body of video evidence exposing a myriad of illegal Planned Parenthood activities; including aiding and abetting the sex trafficking of young girls, the cover-up of sexual abuse of minors, the skirting of parental consent laws, lying to manipulate women to have abortions, assisting with sex-selection abortions and accepting donations to abort African-American babies.

Abby Johnson, a former southeast Texas Planned Parenthood Director, revealed the depth of the abortion mills’ deception, which included spouting social welfare rhetoric while pushing the incessant drive to increase the number of abortions.

In all, American taxpayers, including pro-lifers, have sent over 7 BILLION tax dollars to Planned Parenthood since 1964.

With Pro-Life Election Victories in Congress Comes a Renewed Push to End Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

As a new wave of Congressmen has been sworn in, the National Pro-Life Alliance and its members are collecting petitions to urge them to strip taxpayer funding of abortion from every line of the federal budget.

That’s why NPLA and its members are building support in Congress to ultimately end ALL taxpayer funding of abortion and abortion providers with the Protecting Life and Taxpayers Act (S. 2270 and H.R. 2619) introduced by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach (R-MN).