Fighting to Secure a Pro-Life Supreme Court Majority

National Pro-Life Alliance Members Mobilize to Gain Pro-Life Court Majority

While National Pro-Life Alliance members and staff remain committed to passing a Life at Conception Act as the most feasible means of ending abortion-on-demand, they are dedicated to fighting abortion on all fronts and have played a key role in the fight to secure a true pro-life majority in the Supreme Court that would rule to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Even pro-abortion Senators know that the Constitution contains no “right” to abortion. They realize that having judges on the nation’s highest court that will rule to enforce the Constitution — rather than invent rights from thin air — is a danger to abortion-on-demand.

As such, whenever there is a battle for a seat in the Supreme Court, NPLA and its members engage in a full-out effort to make sure the Senate does the right thing.

National Pro-Life Alliance Members and Other Pro-Lifers Key in Confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Pro-abortion Justice Anthony Kennedy stepped aside in Summer 2018, leading to one of the most contentious Supreme Court confirmation fights in recent memory.

Pro-abortion Senators threw one spurious accusation after another in a desperate ploy to delay and defeat the nomination of ANY judge who wouldn’t commit to uphold Roe v. Wade’s imposed policy of abortion-on-demand.

National Pro-Life Alliance members and other pro-lifers countered the abortion lobby’s pressure and when the dust settled, Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed 50-48.


NPLA Members at the Forefront of a Nationwide Campaign to Secure Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Confirmation

In what became one of the most contentious Supreme Court confirmation fights in recent memory, National Pro-Life Alliance members were at the forefront of the battle to secure the Supreme Court confirmation of Neil Gorsuch.

As threatened, radical pro-abortion Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) attempted a filibuster to prevent the nomination from ever coming to a vote. But when the dust finally settled, NPLA member activism paid off and the Senate voted to confirm Judge Gorsuch in a 54-45 vote.

Obama Nominates Pro-Abortion Judges

Even with the filibuster-proof pro-abortion control of the Senate, NPLA members fought hard to expose the radicalism of Sonya Sotomayor and Elena Kagan during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Sixty-three Senators voted to confirm Elena Kagan to the highest court, despite a complete absence of any judicial experience, clear evidence of her pro-abortion bias, and her intimate role in falsifying evidence to defeat a partial-birth abortion ban during the Clinton Administration.

Kagan’s manipulations helped ensure that partial-birth abortions stayed legal six years longer.

Sixty-eight Senators also voted to confirm the radical Sonya Sotomayor, who spearheaded an organization that brought six separate lawsuits aimed to expand abortion-on-demand –including those on late-term abortions, partial-birth abortions, abortions for minors and the like.

Twelve of the Senators who voted with the abortion lobby did not seek re-election or were thrown out of office thanks to the efforts of NPLA members and other pro-lifers.

NPLA Members Active in Confirmation of Justice Samuel Alito

In 2006, pro-lifers were dealt an opportunity to chip away at the pro-abortion Supreme Court majority by securing the nomination of a pro-life Justice to replace the retiring pro-abortion Sandra Day O’Connor.

With the stakes raised and the possibility of a net gain on the court for pro-lifers, pro-abortion Senators dug in and mounted a filibuster to derail President Bush’s nominee — Judge Samuel Alito, Jr.– with pro-abortion Senator John Kerry (D-MA) leading the charge.

Watch NPLA’s TV Ad in Support of Judge Samuel Alito’s Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court below

Following the outcry of National Pro-Life Alliance members and pro-lifers nationwide, the pro-abortion filibuster was defeated and Judge Alito’s nomination passed the Senate by a 58-42 vote.

While it remains to be seen whether Justice Alito and other self-purported originalist judges would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, Justice Alito did vote in the majority to uphold the Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban in 2007.

With Pro-Abortion Forces Clinging to a Supreme Court Majority, NPLA Members Ratchet up Pressure to Overturn Roe Legislatively

Unfortunately, without the nomination and confirmation of an additional pro-life justice, pro-abortion forces still enjoy a pro-Roe majority on the Supreme Court.

And pro-lifers have learned from sad experience that just because the GOP’s national party platform is pro-life, doesn’t mean Republican presidents can be counted on to nominate pro-life judges.

After all, when the Supreme Court reaffirmed Roe in Planned Parenthood v. Casey in 1992, all five votes to sustain Roe were from judges nominated by Republican presidents: Blackmun (who authored Roe), Stevens, O’Connor, Kennedy and Souter.

That’s why the National Pro-Life Alliance and its members believe it is more important than ever for pro-lifers to rally behind a Life at Conception Act to legislatively overturn Roe v. Wade in Congress, rather than rest their hopes exclusively on overturning Roe in the Supreme Court.