Horrifying on Steroids

I imagine that you, like me, still recall the almost daily stomach wrenching revelations of depravity in the abortion industry during and after the Gosnell “House of Horrors” trial. 

Just the day after the conclusion of the infamous Gosnell trial, nurses at a Houston, Texas abortion clinic revealed that the abortionist for whom they worked had executed scores of born-alive babies with surgical instruments and at times WITH HIS BARE HANDS. 

You see, the sad thing is that Gosnell’s story is not an anomaly, nor was it new.  

These butchers have been around for a long, long time and are found all over the country. 

Take for example, in Hialeah, Florida the “A Gyn Diagnostic Center” which sits innocuously in a strip mall, with a busy pizzeria and a day care center next door.  

A police raid on this sleazy company revealed a gruesome story behind those clinic doors. Bags and boxes, filled with aborted babies of all ages, were found stuffed behind blood stained recliners in the recovery room. 

Or what about her colleague Robelto Osborne in Miramar, Florida?  

This so-called “doctor” has sent more than one mother to the Emergency Room with little hands or arm parts still in utero and the women’s insides so severely torn that it necessitated hysterectomies.  

Up north, the staff in the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Wilmington, Delaware was so appalled at the filthy conditions that they reported on their own clinic.  

For you and me, it’s hard to comprehend such callousness toward human life. 

But what can we learn from all of this?  

After all, under Roe v. Wade it’s legal for abortionists to kill babies at any time up until birth.  

But the actions of these “horror story butchers” — killing babies AFTER delivering them — is the exact moral equivalent of what “law-abiding” abortionists do every day.

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