Killing the truth

Killing the truth

As National Pro-Life Alliance members well know, abortionists routinely lie about abortion – to the public, to the media, and especially, to the women.

Former abortion clinic workers have repeatedly spilled the beans about what really goes on in so-called “counseling” sessions.

The first and greatest lie all abortion workers are trained to propagate is the dehumanization of a woman’s baby.

Abortionists tell women that their unborn child is nothing more than a blob of tissue, even though nothing could be further from the truth.

Never is the word “baby” heard from an abortionist’s lips, only “cells,” “tissue,” “blob,” and “it.”

But the lies don’t stop there.

Story after story has been written about the abortion giant Planned Parenthood claiming to offer women “caring counsel” while in reality exerting cold-hearted pressure to abort.

Abortion workers prey upon women’s fears even threatening price hikes for hesitant women in order to pressure them to abort.

The coercion from abortionists even becomes physical.

One former clinic worker tells of seeing a 17-year old girl dragged literally kicking and screaming by her aunt and “counselor” into the abortion room.

Another woman had a last minute change of heart and decided to choose life, but the abortion assistant held her down on the examination table while her baby was ripped from her.

Far from promoting “women’s health,” abortion mills promote the death of unborn babies through the deception of their mothers.