Life: The Choice “Pro-Choicers” Can’t Stand

One of the biggest lies foisted on the American people by the abortion lobby and the pro-abortion media is their self-description as “pro-choice.” 

But what happens when a young lady’s judgment leads her to choose life? 

Suddenly, the abortion crowd doesn’t think her insight is so sacred.  

A young teenager, known only as Belén to protect her privacy, captured the pro-abortion community’s attention, inspiring all sorts of sweeping proclamations about how aborting the baby she was carrying would be “the best option” for Belén’s well-being. 

The pro-abortion crowd, of course, all agreed — but Belén herself did not. Declaring her intention to “love the baby very much,” she wanted to keep her child and give him or her a chance at life. 

That was enough for the self-described “pro-choice” crowd to throw choice out the window. They were certain that Belén didn’t know what she was doing.  

“At that age the girl doesn’t have a capacity of discernment,” one observer said.  

Another declared, “it’s not possible for any person at that age to have the capacity to understand the consequences on an act of that nature.”  

One even sneered that she had to give birth “because of Jesus.” 

So let’s review. According to abortion supporters: if you want an abortion, you are wise and strong. If you don’t, you’re incompetent and immature. 

The abortion lobby is pulling a massive shell game on the national discussion. Their every standard is just an excuse to rationalize abortion, free to be thrown away and totally contradicted whenever it’s convenient for them. 

That’s why it’s so important for you and me to expose their hypocrisy and end the unabated slaughter of the unborn.