Protecting Adolescents from Abortionists

Parental Notification and Intervention Act (S. 294, H.R. 3900 – 117th Congress)

Urgently Needed Legislation to Save Teenage Mothers and Their Babies From the Horrors of Abortion

The American people overwhelmingly support restrictions on abortions such as laws requiring parental intervention or parental notification for minors before obtaining the procedure. In fact, public support for a law authorizing parental intervention before a minor’s abortion continues to grow.

According to a 2015 Knights of Columbus/Marist poll, 78% of Americans were in favor of requiring that parents be notified before an abortion is performed on a minor.

Overwhelming Popular Support has Already Led to Parental Intervention Laws in Many States

This trend has translated into legislation in many states nationwide. Roughly 37 states have passed laws to protect parental involvement before allowing a minor to obtain an abortion.

Yet, sadly in many states, the same fifteen-year-old girl who, without a parent’s approval, could not even get her ears pierced, could walk into an abortion “clinic” and procure the death of her unborn child.

Unfortunately, without a federal law in place, even in states with parental notification, parents are left completely in the dark because a child abuser or offender will evade the law by simply taking the young girl to another state without such a law and obtain an abortion there.

Current Laws are Helpful, but Suffer From Loopholes

Also, state laws are many times struck down or rendered ineffective by judges who exploit a loophole by granting “judicial bypass” to minors so routinely that the law is rarely actually enforced.

Since it is the National Pro-Life Alliance’s position that no one has the authority to consent to take the life of an unborn child, this federal Parental Notification and Intervention Act would give parents the legal grounds to stop an abortion.

In this way, parents will have the authority and the right to protect their grandchildren from being slaughtered and shield their daughter from the physical and psychological trauma that arises from induced abortion.

Bill Provides Tough New Protections for Both Parents and Unborn Children

The federal Parental Notification and Intervention Act (S. 294 and H.R. 3900 – 117th Congress), drafted by the National Pro-Life Alliance and introduced by Senator Mike Braun (R-IN) and Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), would require that any abortion contemplated by a minor be reported to both parents in advance so they can intervene to stop the abortion. The bill contains the following elements:

That no physician may perform an abortion upon a minor or incompetent unless the physician performing the abortion has given four days notice to both parents or the legal guardian of the minor or incompetent.

– At any time either parent or guardian may object and prevent the abortion from occurring.

– A violation of this Act is a felony.

Unlike many existing bills, the Parental Notification and Intervention Act provides a clear-cut standard to be met before a judge may grant a judicial bypass.

– A judge would be permitted to allow an abortion without notification of the parents only if he or she receives clear and convincing evidence of danger of physical abuse from a minor’s parents if they are notified.

Legislation Stops a Minor From Receiving Only Biased Propaganda From Abortion Vendors

The requirement of four days advance notice would give the minor time to reflect on the horrific consequences of her decision and seek counsel apart from the pressure of an anxious boyfriend or perhaps even a child abuser seeking to hide his crime.

Currently, the only people that the minor is required to consult are the selfsame abortion providers who have a financial stake in convincing her to abort.

This legislation would save tens of thousands of innocent babies each year and protect each pregnant minor from a lifetime of guilt for having aborted her child.