The Death Camps of America

History has a way of repeating itself.

And tragically, time and time again the world has witnessed the slaughter of countless innocents.

Perhaps that’s why Eva Edl, a survivor of a concentration camp under a Communist regime in Hungary, calls abortion mills the “death camps of America.”

Having personally experienced the devastating consequences of a failure to respect human life, Eva now fights to end the slaughter of innocent children in this country.

After all, Eva was just a child herself, only nine years old when she was thrown into a cattle car, shipped to a concentration camp housing some 20,000 people, and packed into a bare room with nothing but an inch of straw lining the floor.

The conditions were so severe that Eva estimates some 50 people died every day.

Eva spent six months in that camp, and she might have lost her life if her mother hadn’t escaped and broken her out of the concentration camp.

Because her mother gave her that chance at life, Eva survived to later come to America.

But when she arrived, she was horrified.

She said in an interview, “When a government does not value human life at any stage of development or aging, it only depends on who is in charge that hour that will determine who will be killed next.”

“Right now, it’s the babies.”

So now, Eva works as a committed pro-life activist, fighting to protect the unborn.

And just like Eva, you and I share that same mission.