The law said Brady wasn’t a “person”

The law said Brady wasn’t a “person”

Little Brady Surovik was the long awaited 8 pound 2 oz child of Heather Surovik, but tragically little Brady’s life was suddenly snuffed out by a drunk driver in Colorado.

Under Colorado law the drunk driver would normally be charged with vehicular homicide.  

Yet Colorado prosecutors refused to bring any charges against the driver. 

Why you ask? 

You see Brady was two days away from birth. 

Colorado state law prevented charging the drunk driver because the law stated Brady was not yet “a person.”  

For the lack of a mere two days, the drunk driver literally got away scot-free.  

You and I know there is no difference between an unborn and a born baby; just differences in size and weight.  

Though this drunk driver may have got away with taking one innocent life; abortionists have been getting away with taking over a million lives every year for 48 years.

Of course laws against drunk driving will never completely end the slaughter on the highways. But together you and I can end the long lived slaughter that is abortion.  

That is why your National Pro-Life Alliance is committed to passing a Life at Conception Act in Congress to overturn Roe v. Wade and define that life begins at conception.