This is sickening

Abortionists will do whatever it takes to get women to agree to an abortion. 

And after they have persuaded a woman to come in with false assurances that her baby is “just tissue,” the last thing they’ll do is let her leave their clutches. 

Jessica experienced that horrifying reality firsthand. 

After the abortionist injected her 28-week-old baby boy with a lethal dose of digoxin — a poison that abortionists use to subject unborn babies to a heart attack — he instructed Jessica to return to his abortion mill the next day to finish the job. 

But in her hotel room that night, Jessica could feel her child flailing around inside of her, struggling to survive. 

So when the abortionist called her the next day to demand why she hadn’t returned to his abortion mill, Jessica had already resolved to choose life. 

“I’m going to the ER,” she sobbed into the telephone. “I want to save my baby.” 

But the abortionist wouldn’t hear it. 

Furious, he drove to her hotel, drugged and sedated her, and dragged her back to the abortion mill. 

Tear-streaked and dizzy, Jessica struggled to get away, but despite her pleas the abortionist forced her onto the operating table and injected her baby with another lethal dose of digoxin. 

So the next time you hear that abortion proponents make women’s health their first concern, remember Jessica’s nightmare. 

Remember also, the 62 million beautiful babies who were cheated out of life, silently pleading for us to end the barbarism and overturn the disastrous Roe v. Wade decision. 

It’s up to you and me to speak for the unborn.