When Escaping the Womb Isn’t Enough

It’s no surprise that an industry centered around ending innocent human lives in the womb doesn’t care about babies after they’re born either.

One heartbreaking example of abortionists’ blatant disregard for all human life is the story of baby Chava.

The abortionist injected baby Chava with poison inside the womb and then suctioned him out with a device powerful enough to crush a tin can.

In spite of all that, Chava was born alive prematurely at the abortion clinic at only 21 weeks from conception.

Nearly 3 out of 4 infants born at 21 weeks can survive if given proper medical care, but little Chava was left lying exposed on a cold table, and no one realized he was breathing for a full ten minutes.

Even after he was discovered, clinic staff only gave minimal care to the baby.

As a result, baby Chava later died in the emergency room.

This is the culture of death created by Roe v. Wade and fostered by the abortion lobby.

They refuse to acknowledge that these babies’ lives are precious from conception onwards and can’t stomach even the slightest protections for innocent, unborn life.

That’s what you and I are up against, and why it’s critical we continue to fight to defend the Sanctity of Life.

And as we keep up the fight, I am confident you and I will ultimately succeed.