Yet another secret abortion

Every day, parents across the country lose their unborn grandchildren to the horrors of abortions being performed on their minor daughters.

And tragically, these parents are never given the chance to stop the abortion and save their grandchild’s life.

In fact, they usually never even find out until it’s too late.

Brenda Pratt-Shaffer, a former employee at one abortion provider, was horrified when a fifteen-year-old girl came in to have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge.

And it wasn’t the teen’s first abortion, either…it was her third.

“I just kept thinking about my fifteen-year-old daughter that I had to sign for to have her ears pierced,” said the former abortion mill employee.

“But here was a fifteen-year-old having an abortion for the third time that her parents didn’t even know about.”

Margo, another former abortion mill employee, admitted, “It was more of a goal to keep them [parents] out as much as possible because we did notice that outcomes would change when there was parental involvement.”

But of course, the reality is that over half of states do not protect parents’ rights to intervene and stop their minor daughters from having an abortion.

And even in states that do provide such protections, pro-abortion judges are all too eager to rubber-stamp judicial bypasses for teens to get abortions.

So in those states, abortionists utilize that judicial bypass loophole for all its worth.

The fact is, abortionists know which judges are more sympathetic to their life-ending cause, so they sneak teens past their parents and send them to those activist judges.

Because of this, more than 90% of requests for judicial bypass get approved, and thousands of unborn babies are slaughtered as a result.

But there is a solution – the national Parental Notification and Intervention Act – a federal law drafted by your National Pro-Life Alliance.

This law would protect parents’ rights to intervene before their minor daughters can get abortions in all 50 states, and it would tighten loopholes in state laws that are currently exploited by pro-abortion judges.

And since one-in-five abortions are performed on minors, this bill has the potential to save literally countless lives.